Will $MAID Go Long?

Will MAID Clean up your portfolio?

Who knows but it does look good.

Looking at the RSI we can see that it recently reached over sold levels at the last pump. However we can see that it returned to the determined locale support and resistance. Looking at it now we can see it bouncing around in there seeing which side breaks first. IMS (In My Speculation) I think that the Resistance will break first and here is why.

See the 50 day moving average? Notice the direction? With the recent bullish up turn I believe that MAID is just in a bear trap before the next upward movement. The reason that I think this is due to the 50D MA and having the 1D candles break the 50MA as a new level of support.

IMS I think that it will ride the moving average creating new resistances and supports along the way. But I am overall bullish in long term for this chart.

Last time the 100 MA broke the 365 MA was back when the first major pump of MAID Happened. The 365 MA turned from bearish to bullish. Looking at the macro chart you can see the first bottom of the 356 MA turning in to a literal support bar for the chart.

I a, watching for a long position entry:

1st Target: 0.00006769

$MAID is reaching a pretty critical moment.

  • New support from the Yearly MA
  • ADL Divergences and Similarieies
  • Doji Candle and Candle Psychology
  • Price/Volume Trend and Support.

It it holds on 365 MA Look for mini bull run.

Another $MAID Breakout, testing 6000 sats for support/resistance.