What is Global Network Encryption Investment Security Service?


GNEISS /nīs/

What is GNEISS

GNEISS is a powerful blockchain platform that operates as a digital marketplace where user’s can trade assets, goods and services using a digitally-encrypted, peer to peep exchange system.


Why Should I Trust GNEISS?

The transactions on GNEISS’s blockchain are safe, transparent, and economical. In time, this will create a performance-based rating system on the free market that will place value in the most trustworthy E-Vaults with which to do business. With its exchange platform, users can create, transact, and destroy any crypto-asset or smart contract in a personal “E-Vault” utilizing the Ethereum blockchain. The asset itself may be tangible (a gold-backed digital coin), or as intangible as time (volunteer or billable hours).

The GNEISS app essentially replaces traditional dependency upon third-party market vendors to make transactions, while providing a unique capability for users to easily create crypto-assets to trade in a digital marketplace via smart contracts. Eventually, this will create a performance-based rating system because the free market will easily show the most trustworthy E-Vaults. This direct and immediate transparency returns market power to the most trustworthy people and online market makers.

Third parties such as banks are subject to many risks, from a single point of failure to the potential for massive corruption. These risks do not apply to GNEISS because of its decentralized, peer-to-peer exchange system that operates with lower fees, greater transparency, and accurate history of all transactions using smart contracts recorded by Ethereum’s public blockchain. Thus, GNEISS could securely automate the entire infrastructure of banks or financial institutions by maintaining the public record of transactions while offering complete anonymity for users.

The GNEISS platform is the first digitally-encrypted, fully automatic peer-to-peer exchange system which allows users to accomplish the creation, transaction, and destruction of any crypto-asset or smart contract in a simple website interaction. Anyone with an Internet connection can start their own E-Vault, trade any crypto-asset on GNEISS’s platform, or the Ethereum network, and feel safe knowing their investment can be fully collateralized.

Where is GNEISS Based

GNEISS is based out of Charlotte NC

Check out the forum post What is GNEISS? - GNEISS Community News - Gneiss Coin Community where Kristian Gaylord got the chance to sit down with the CEO of GNEISS, Michael Morton, and discuss his vision for the platform.

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