There Is A New 2FA On The Block And It Could Take Down Google!


Hydrogen 2FA is finally here and here is what you need to know!

We are no stranger to using 2FA and the supposed increase in security that they provide. It is said to increase your account security to decrease hacks and such attacks on web based applications. But more often than not, we never think twice about this until it happens to you; but by then it is too late and the damage has been done. Internet security has become something that we take for granted when we go online.

Most recently we have seen the integration of the 2 Factor Authentication, better known as 2FA, across many web based sites. This security measure adds what seems to be a third layer of security to an already 2 layer log in. At first glance this seems like an amazing idea that could secure your information online. But what if I told you that the creators of this software are not even using their own development. There are nothing wrong with these products at the time but what they lack is the security to protect you from those wanting to do you wrong. Hydrogen lists what they feel to be the current problems with the two most popular authentication apps:

Disadvantages of Google 2FA: image

  • Google Authenticator does not support multi-device. If you are using Google 2FA, then you’ll tied to a single device, so if you need to register a new phone or tablet, Google Authenticator automatically unregisters your current device.
  • Google Authenticator is centralized. This means that once the 2FA app server is down, your Authenticator will be down as well.
  • Google 2FA lacks in the area of encrypted recovery backups. That is, with Google Authenticator, if you lose your phone you lose your access. There’s no way of recovering your 2FA.

Disadvantages of Authy:

  • Authy ties your 2FA to your mobile number. This means that if someone were to be able to hack into your phone number’s service provider and port your number, then they have access to your 2FA.
  • Authy service is centralized. This means that if Authy server gets compromised, your Authenticator will be at risk.

Hydrogen is crowning themselves as The Global Financial Platform of the Web 3.0 and they might not be wrong.

Introducing the HYDROGEN 2FA – RAINDROP image

Mike Kane, co-founder and CEO of Hydrogen Platform said, “Hydrogen RAINDROP exists to fix a lot of the issues with current authentication frameworks, including poor security, centralization and recovery”.

Hydrogen is building themselves to be the building block for a secure financial life. Raindrop is the first phase of Hydro ecosystem, designed to provide private systems with a blockchain-based authentication layer. This could possibly shake things up in the world of 2FA security with their new and totally decentralized authenticator, built upon the Raindrop Ecosystem. No longer are your authenticators at the risk of being down due to centralized servers failing because with Hydrogen 2FA, I can assure you that this will not happen. You see, because it is decentralized, it’s not controlled by one server. Therefore when a server is down, the other servers will still be fine and can continue work alongside the authenticator to protect you.

Hydro: Security and Identity App

imageTo download the app head on over to iTunes or Google Play Store

When you first download the app you will complete a one time setup that is based off of advanced cryptography combined with the unique way you shake your phone! Your ID is then recorded on the blockchain and the app is ready to use. If the site you are using has Hydrogen’s 2FA integrated, you will be shown a 6 digit code that will be entered in your hydrogen app. If the code is correct you will then be authenticated on the web to gain access to the application. And best off all, the authentication can be applied to not just logins, but payments and transactions as well; securing the whole process along the way.

Don’t fret about the recovery process of losing your 2FA login because RAINDROP comes with a seed re-generation feature. This means that in case you lose your phone, you can just enter in the seed words to recover your authenticator.

Like I mentioned earlier Raindrop protects your account when any party is trying to access to your providers database by alerting them immediately when the transaction is initiated. With the record of the attempt being made available on the blockchain, it’s impossible for a hacker to erase the hack attempt, which means that the party can then take the appropriate measures.

Hopefully we will see more and more integration of the new blockchain 2FA by exchanges and companies alike. Adding this new ensured security could be a new step forward in the right direction. If you like Hydrogen’s 2FA be sure to encourage your favorite sites and exchanges to integrate Hydrogen! Tell them to go on over to Hydrogen’s site and check it out! Ill even provide the links for you! and tweet this to your favorite developers as well Hydrogen Developers !