$HYDRO-gen is making a bang!

$HYDRO is starting to gain momentum.
6hr Heiken Ashi Candles
50 day MA = Purple
20 day MA = Blue

Bitscreener was the only website that I was able too find the chart to Hydrogen. So I did what I could. you can see that the wick is testing the first resistance barrier from the Fib Retracement. What does this mean? Well… not much. I don’t really use the 23.6% Fib level because the first important number to look at is 38.2 on this chart. Bu since I am trying to use the macro scale to find micro trends.

Personally I think I am just going to wait and keep track of the market on this one clisely. There is really no point in putting in stop losses on theses microcap coins. Its way to volitile and easy to shake out stop postiions only to have it moon right after you get stopped out. So just be patient and wait for this one to come to full growth.

Hoping to find this chart on coinigy sometime.



Here is some update on $HYDRO after the recent pump and correction, I think that it will be accumulating around the 1055 gwei range. And the reason for this is as follows in the charts and explanations below.

In this Chart I have the locale support that I think it will hit 1055 gwei. I also marked for you the Resistance level for the RSI that I thought it would test the most.


Looking at this chart from ED. We can see there is is a significant buy wall of 10ETH in the green.

THis is supported buy the single bid of 10 ETH at 1055 gwei.



I watched the drop happen on the order book and I have been keeping a close eye on some of the wallets that have the most activity. Check them out below. I have a bearish and a bullish wallet to look at



After actively watching the buy and sell orders come and go I figured that this was only a temporary correction.

IMS it is still bullish and this is just to shake out weak hands.


So I made a bunch of lines on the bitscreener advanced charts to see of there were any fib patterns and there is

Run = .363636363
Rise = Previous Fib height is 45-49% of the new height on the next fib.

[Just realized that 100-49=61 and 61 is a significant number in Fib. This has nothing to do with anything]

Here is the macro view of the the chart so far with 2 hr candles.

Past and present…


Looking at the first rise we see the retracement happening to 23.6%, catching support and then gaining.

What you don’t see here is the previous analysis that I did on HYDRO with fib. The pump right before the one with the purple fib lasted 4 bars. This means 4 bars from new high to consolidation bottom. It took 7 bars to make a new all time high again. Just messing around I decided to add the two together to get 11. I decided to measure 11 bars over from the high and it was the candle that confirmed the bottom. This same thing was working for the purple Fib and and I was kind of perplex. I divided 4/11 and got .3636363.

.3636363 is the golden number because it confirms the trend forwards and backwards. I’m not kidding. 4*.36 and 3*.36 look at my math and follow procedure.

Multiplying 7 by .3636363 gives you 19. Can you guess how man candles are in between the start of the purple fib and the beginning of the blue one? 19.

Hint: Multiplying 19 by .36 gives you 52.7




1.08 -1.5 Candles to confirm the trend
Appx. 2.25 Candles to Finish the trend

3 - 4 Candles to confirm the trend
Appx. 7 candles to finish it

10- 11 Candles to confirm the trend
19 - 22 Candles to finish the trend

22 -30 Candles to confirm the trend
52.7 Candles to Finish the trend.

Putting these number in to effect for the future we can assume that it will take 22 candles to confirm the trend.

And it will take 52 - 58 days for HYDRO to see a new ATH if this assumption is true.

My math is below.

This is confusing AF probably to most but I just needed to put this out there for people to see the pattern.