How to Acquire GNEISS Coin


How Do I Buy GNEISS Coin?

  1. Go to the home dashboard and click the GNEISS Coin icon to buy/transfer via the Ethereum Blockchain.

GNEISS Coin Address

  1. Click on the GNEISS Coin option box as seen in the picture above. It will direct you to the Crypto Asset Trading page.

  2. From here you can buy & transfer GNEISS Coin via the Ethereum Blockchain.

Reminder that your E-vault address is also your Ethereum address

The GNEISS E-Vault is essentially another name for the ETH wallet address in your GNEISS account. So whenever you send any ERC20 token they all have to be sent to an E-Vault (your ETH wallet address in GNEISS)

Refer to How to send tokens to my wallet for more information on this topic.


GNEISS is now being traded on the EtherDelta exchange!

Check out How to Use EtherDelta for a guide on how to use the EtherDelta Decentralized Exchange.