HODL: Hold On for Dear Life

A term that has found itself a home in the Crypto community. A word first deemed jargon after a user known only as “GameKyuubi” uttered it on a forum while exclaiming his market sentiment. And finally a term that wholly encompasses the theme that I, alongside the plethora of crypto millionaires and aspiring titans of the industry all resonate well with.

With all of the exciting bull runs and bearish pullbacks involved in crypto currency trading, it is easy to forget about this group and dismiss them as quiet and seemingly insignificant minority. However it is in times of bearish sentiment that their (read: our) power shows. In every “dead cat bounce” there lies one, or many of this mindset buying up pieces of currency; and they are right to do so.

It is estimated that 40% of all bitcoin are held by a mere 1,000 persons. You are considered a part of the top 1% of bitcoin holders if you hold just over 1 full coin; and these figures are even more pronounced in the ever-expanding selection of alt-coins. And although some may scoff at the idea of loading up on an investment that many are running for the hills from, it is quite important to note that this silent majority make up the bitcoin millionaires and billionaires among us.

One of my favorite quotes is from Napoleon, which states to “maintain your longterm strategy during times of volatility.” This quote compliments many old-school investment sayings, and in this “crypto crisis,” the era of change, of rebuilding, internet infrastructure (cough cough Etherium), this quote continues to resonate well.

So as Napoleon announced so many years ago, and so many of the crypto titans tell us through their buying patterns… HODL


Aim for the Moon and

On for

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Love this sentiment. I sold out somewhere back in the middle of the crash, and rebought close-ish to the bottom (closer to the bottom then where I sold at least…!). Now that I’m back in, it’s time to hunker down and HODL!

Ether Meme

Just now seeing this… But yeah man that’s what it’s all about. It’s crazy the change in mindset that comes with market swings. Then when things get really crazy, even some of the best traders end up selling low and buying high. Enjoy the crypto ‘doorbuster deals’