Cool resource to keep track of all the ICOs!

I spend a decent amount of time on a daily basis just poking around online to see what’s new in the cryptocurrency world. Google and Facebook have picked up on my habits and have labeled me as part of the prime audience for advertisements about ICOs and blockchain technology; I can’t scroll through my Facebook feed anymore without stumbling into two or three different companies trying to get me to fund their new token!

I actually don’t mind being the recipient of all of the marketing materials for may of these companies, and I must confess to being surprisingly prone to clicking on the ads and having a look at the new companies that cross my path. I’ve found a lot of interesting stuff, and I hope to continue receiving new opportunities for further exploration.

Today, as I was looking at yet another company that was the subject of an ad I clicked on, I started to wonder if there was a centralized database for all upcoming ICOs that I could just glance at on a somewhat regular basis to see what’s new and upcoming. I also pondered whether or not there could be an opportunity to create a trading strategy based on buying tokens at discounted pre-sale prices and then liquidating at the first opportunity when the token assumes its full value. I haven’t yet decided if that would be a viable strategy; my immediate reaction is that it seems like it would carry a lot of unnecessary risk. For example, what happens if the new token doesn’t ever become liquid enough for me to cash out? Just one of many concerns.

Regardless, I did a quick search for a list of current and upcoming ICOs and stumbled into TokenMarket. They seem to do a decent job of pulling all of the information together, and they certainly present it in a way that’s easily digestible. If ICOs interest you, and you’d like to have a look at many of the companies who are in the process of funding themselves via issuing new tokens, have a look at that site!

What other resources to you use to stay up to date on the crypto world? With the current dizzying pace at which it’s expanding, it can often feel difficult to keep up!