$BTC/Market Future Prediction


Ive been seeing a lot of mixed emotions in terms of sentiment on the market. But im not here to trade feelings I want to know what is happening currently and not opinions.

Bitcoin has an option today. Recover and hit its 6900 range that many have predicted or continue to trend with the bears. Since I can not trade BTC margins on Poloniex I look to a certain group of traders to keep me up on my bitcoin charts. https://www.tradingview.com/u/crypto_brahma/ is a very good BTC margin trader as well as a few other on twitter.

I have seen a lot of red in the market today meaning that this could leave to a dead cat bounce or a bull trap in the next coming days. Do not be fooled however. This will be short lived/ Enter Short term longs and trade until the reversal. Take the profit and short the trap.

I have a few potential charts set up. I will post when the charts confirm the trend.

We are not at the bottom yet. The beginning of the end was on June 29th. We are current writing the final chapter in this bear market. For the ones that are still here and trying to make something out of this, we will be the ones to know when this bull run is here. Our portfolios will be nuked as we sit back in our fallout shelters and watch safely.