Bitcoin Resource List

Crypto Wallets: [California, USA]; [Massachusetts, USA] ; [Switzerland]; [Austria]; [N/A]; [India]; [N/A]; Still in Beta[N/A] (bitcoin merchants & wallet providers) [Luxembourg]; [N/A]; [Massachusetts, USA]; [San Diego, USA] (recoverable bitcoin wallet) [California, USA] (bitcoin wallet and business directory) [Malta] (Merchant wallet with secure anonymous bitcoin wallets) [Mayland, USA]; [N/A] (secure cold storage multi-signature wallet) [London]; [Luxembourg]; [N/A];[N/A] (bitcoin/altcoin online wallet) [California, US] (monthly charged online mulit-sig bitcoin/altcoin wallet) [N/A] (Colored coin wallet)

-Mobile: Bitcoin wallet apps for smart phones.

Bitcoin Wallet, Breadwallet, Green Address, Bither, Coinomi, Ninki, Copay, Airbitz, Hive, Mycelium, Cryptonator

-Desktop: Bitcoin wallets stored on a personal computer.

Bitcoin Core, MulitBit HD, Green Address, Armory, Electrum, Bither, BitGo, mSIGNA, Ninki, Copay

-Hardware: Bitcoin hard wallet manufacturers that store bitcoin offline with specialized equipment.

Ledger Nano, Trezor

-Web: Online bitcoin wallets accessible where ever there is internet

Coinbase, Green Address, Xapo, Circle, BitGo, Hive, CoinKite, Coinapult, Netki

-Untouchable: Online vendor can’t reclaim funds.

Bitcoin Core, MulitBit HD, Green Address, Armory, Electrum, Bither, BitGo, mSIGNA, Ninki, Copay, Ledger Nano, Trezor, Netki

-Other Currencies: Store money in any type of precious metal, crypto, or fiat currency. [California, USA]; [Canada]; [Swizterland] (fiat currency and precious metals banks)

Money Transfer: Transfer money & other digital assets instantly to any where in the world with electronic communication.

-Remittance Market: Cheaply send money anonymously across country borders to peers, businesses or charity. [Panama]; [Finland] (P2P currency exchange app)

-Bitcoin Payment Processors: Secure third-party way to accept bitcoin. [Georgia, USA]; [Denmark]; [Virgin Islands] (Bitcoin online payment processor) [Singapore] (Bitcoin/altcoin exchange payment processor)

-Social Networking: Safely & easily send messages or bitcoin across social networking platforms. [N/A]; [N/A] (Online identity authentication and governance networks) [Israel] (Bitcoin online reputation and 3rd party escrow website) [Israel]; [Massachusetts, USA] (Social networking crypto businesses)

Decentralized Exchanges: Buy/sell bitcoin, altcoins, or other digital assets from a variety of decentralized exchanges. [New York, USA]; [USA]; [Hong Kong]; [New Zealand]; [Switzerland]; [N/A] (future stock market exchanges) [Montana, USA]; [Nevada, USA] (Most popular altcoin exchanges) [Switzerland]; [The Netherlands] (Buy/sell bitcoin & altcoins instantly) [N/A] (Bitcoin/altcoin exchange with debit card)

-Peer-to-peer exchanges: Buy/sell digital assets without a third party. [Iowa, USA]; [Spain] (decentralized P2P Utorrent exchange)

-Altcoin powered exchanges: Buy/sell digital assets using exchanges powered automatically by their own blockchain network.

MasterCoin, CounterParty, Bitshares, NXT, HorizonCoin (Most popular Altcoin powered exchanges) [Ethereum Blockchain] (derivative exchanges)

-Options & Futures: Buy/sell options or other types of future contracts. [New York, USA]; [London]; [London] (derivative exchanges) [Colorado, USA] (Future binary options)

-Platforms: Trade on multiple decentralized exchanges or peer-to-peer. [Wisconsin, USA] (trading platform for multiple exchanges) [Austria] (bitcoin price notify business) [Germany]; [Panama] (white label crypto exchange creator)

Decentralized Business Registry: Securely store and automate business registry data. [Texas, USA] (business registry storage on multiple blockchains)

-Data Storage: Store data in blockchains to time-stamp the proof of existence. [N/A]; [Madrid]; [Tiawan] (bitcoin blockchain data storage)

-Smart Contract: Enables peer-to-peer business contract enforced automatically using blockchain technology [London]; [California, USA] (smart contract developers) [N/A] (Monitored freelance computer work website)

-Business Security: Protect against hackers, thieves and government confiscations. [Malta] (Merchant wallet with secure anonymous bitcoin wallets) [N/A] (cryptographic key management provider) [N/A] (cryptographic solutions for scale-able anonymity)

Bitcoin Information/News Station Websites:

-Bitcoin News Stations: Credible bitcoin news station websites. ; ; ; ; ; ; ; (Bitcoin/altcoin news outlets)

-Bitcoin Starter Info Websites: Website that offer crypto starter information & sources. (bitcoin forum) ; ; (Gives current market-cap of bitcoin & altcoins) (bitcoin beginners website)
Kryptor Radio (Bitcoin/Altcoin Radio Station) (Bitcoin/Altcoin TV Station)

-Bitcoin Business Reviews Websites: Websites that review crypto exchanges and companies. (Bitcoin/altcoin exchanges review) ; ; (Review for multiple bitcoin businesses) (Decentralized trading advice platform)

-Bitcoin Advertising: Paid advertising with bitcoin. (Paid refferal advertising)

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Thanks for all of that information! I have a feeling this list is going to be getting a lot longer over the coming months and years…

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