Announcing the Ethereum Community Fund

Vitalik Buterin, and some other big names in the Ethereum community including Maker, OmiseGo, and Cosmos, have decided to create a fund for budding Ethereum-based blockchain projects. The Ethereum Community Fund (ECF) will seek to provide resources to promising projects and companies in order to promote growth of the Ethereum blockchain and catapult us into the next chapter of blockchain development.

This is hugely exciting news for a lot of people, and it shows a long term commitment on behalf of the Ethereum community to support the next generation of blockchain growth. For anyone who is concerned about the future of blockchain technology, fear not. This is another drop in the pan for the enormous amount of capital that is flowing into the industry. And while capital alone isn’t enough to guarantee success, it’s certainly a great start.

The new ECF is joined by several other initiatives within the Ethereum community, among them one to connect startups and blockchain developers to Fortune 500 companies in order to promote the adoption of blockchain infrastructure in established industries.

I’m also excited to see whether or not this announcement will have any effect on the markets; Ethereum has had a great week so far, up nearly 30% since Monday. For those of us who are still HODL, let’s hope for another 10% by Monday :wink:.

If you have an idea that you’ve been kicking around or are looking for funding for an Ethereum based project you’ve been working on, head over to ECF’s website for more information!